SBS rehearsals

Picture of trumpets

We normally meet on Monday evenings in term time in the Friends Meeting House, 65 Linden Road, Bournville, Birmingham, B30 1JT on Mondays. Arrive in time for baton-down at 7.30 pm. There is a tea break, and rehearsals usually go on to about 9.40pm.

It is not usually necessary to bring a music stand.

Parking is not available on the forecourt but there are spaces in the vicinity, e.g. Sycamore Road and Woodbrooke Road.

The orchestra rehearses to a schedule that is sent out well in advance, by email and on these web pages. So members not involved in some piece or movement should be able to find out when they are needed.

The latest detailed schedule is available at this page.

There is a Concert Day Schedule for July 15th 2017 here as well.

Note: parking arrangements for rehearsals at the Bournville Friends Meeting House were sent out by email on 25th Jan 2014 to all members. For those that didn't get these or have lost them details will be found in the members area. It is important that members abide by these rules.