Support for South Birmingham Sinfonia

"The orchestra has really upped the ante in terms of ambitions and varied repertoire and skill in playing"

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The SBS is fortunate to have many friends and supporters, but are always interested to add to the list. The easiest (and most enjoyable) way to support us is to come along to one of our concerts! The orchestra plays to a very high standard, and concerts are always excellent. Don't forget that profits go to St Mary's Hospice.

There is a wide range of different kinds of support we receive, but we are grateful for all support, whatever the size. The support we receive is essential to ensure that we continue to make a profit at concerts and to ensure that costs for rehearsals can be kept separate from concert funds. This way we can continue to support St Mary's Hospice through concert profits, and also provide (we hope) a great deal of pleasure to our audiences.


Perhaps you would be interested in finding out about our sponsors, or becoming a sponsor yourself?

South Birmingham Sinfonia is looking for local businesses and individuals to support our charity concerts. Benefits include:


If you play music yourself we usually have a few vacancies for new members of good standard. See the "join us" page to find out more. Or if you are already a member, do suggest to suitable friends and contacts that they might join too.