SBS Players' forum

Picture of french horn Picture of viola

SBS has a regular "Players' forum" consisting of representatives from each section of the orchestra, which discusses issues from the point of view of players, especially future programmes, and feeds back to the main committee.

Please make sure your section leader or representative knows your opinions on the current issues so that she or he can raise them at the PF!


The Players' Forum meets approximately termly, and discusses practical matters to do with rehearsals etc., and future programmes.

Each of the following sections should be represented: Flutes; Oboes; Clarinets; Bassoons; Horns; Trumpets; Trombones; Tuba; Percussion; First Violins; Second Violins; Violas; Cellos; Basses.

The idea is that the representative from each section should bring to the meeting the views, from the technical perspective, of their section on the pieces under discussion that evening, and details of any other musical issues that they think it useful to raise at the Forum. Please make your thoughts on any relevant topic known to your section representative who can bring them to the first meeting on your behalf!

If you prefer, please use the web forms on the members' pages to make suggestions or comments on future programmes or any other aspect of the orchestra.